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Proposals for third LINCC Frameworks Incubator due October 16, 2023

We are excited to announce the call for proposals for the third cohort of the LINCC Frameworks Incubator program. The application form can be found here.

The LINCC Frameworks team is working to provide robust open-source software tools to support analysis of LSST data at scale, and a key part of this effort is the formation of collaborations with the LSST science community. You can find a recording of the original 2023 January 26 overview presentation about the LINCC Frameworks Incubators here.

The third cohort of the Incubator program, which starts in the first quarter of 2024 with a deadline for short, stage-one proposals of 2023 October 16, will provide dedicated funding and collaborations with software engineers to proposal teams who pitch compelling projects to be carried out in collaboration with the LINCC Frameworks team. Incubator projects should be aimed at solving computational challenges to develop open-source software that will enable a near-term science project using simulations and precursor data, and that serves as a starting point towards eventual LSST data analysis.

The Frameworks team will be hosting weekly virtual ‘office hours’ at 9am Pacific time on Thursdays starting on Sept 14 (Zoom Link).  Those in the LSSTC Slack workspace can also use the public #lincc-incubator-help channel for questions about the proposal process.

For more announcements of this sort, please sign up for the LINCC mailing list.


         LSSTC is now LSST Discovery Alliance

Same organization. New name.  Same programs (for now). Clarified mission.  Our goal is to maximize the impact of Rubin LSST through support from member institutions, grants from foundations, and donations from corporations and private donors. We are committed to changing how science is done, how it’s funded, and who’s at the table.  We collaborate closely with Rubin Observatory and the LSST Science Collaborations

Visit a teaser of our new website! Full site will be live November 2024 - join us.


LSSTC Inclusive Collaboration

LSSTC is excited to launch a funded initiative in Inclusive Collaboration.  This program will direct up to $100,000 USD towards work on the development, documentation, and dissemination of policies and best practices related to Inclusive Collaboration.  Students and postdocs are eligible to apply, as well as professional staff and faculty.  Proposals are due July 28, 2023.  See the Call for Proposals for full details!






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