The LSSTC Enabling Science Program 2020 Award Recipients


The LSSTC Enabling Science Program 2020 Award Recipients

The LSSTC Enabling Science program has awarded funding to 12 requests submitted in response to its 2020 call for proposals. The funds will support nine workshops, two summer student research programs, and one data challenge. 

PI: Eric Aubourg, APC / Université de Paris and CEA
Title: Bayesian Deep Learning for Cosmology
Summary: Host a workshop, which will bring together researchers from different science collaborations as well as industry partners around the topic of Bayesian Deep Learning.
Award: $12,000

PI: Federica Bianco, University of Delaware
Title: PCW 2020 Hack-day and Documentation Sprint
Summary: Use the availability of existing infrastructure and an Overleaf professional account to support a “hack-day” and a “documentation day” in August, just before the PCW. The goal is to come up to speed on the Rubin LSST Metric Analysis Framework (MAF).
Award: $1,390

PI: Francisco Förster & Anais Möller, Millennium Institute of Astrophysics and CNRS/LPC-Clermont 
Title: Alert Brokers and Their User Community in the Era of LSST
Summary: Host two Alert Brokers Workshops.
Award: $2,000

PI: Aaron Geller, Northwestern University
Title: Continuing the Connection of LSST Undergraduate Internships with the CIERA REU Program
Summary: Support internships for two undergraduate students, as part of the long-term CIERA REU program.
Award: $12,000

PI: Rachel Mandelbaum & Patricia Burchat, Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University
Title: Supporting Interactions between the LSST DESC, Rubin Observatory & LSST Science Collaborations with a Focus on Early Career Scientists
Summary: Support early career scientists and key contributors to attend two meetings in 2021 and a workshop regarding image simulation and processing, and observing strategies.
Award: $12,100

PI: Brian Nord, Cosmic Physics Center, Fermilab
Title: LSST Undergraduate Internship for Data-Driven Astronomy
Summary: Host and hire two undergraduate interns to work on data science LSST related topics during the summer 2021.
Award: $13,568

PI: Andrés Plazas & Federica Bianco, Princeton University – Rubin Observatory  and University of Delaware
Title: Workshop on Systemic Racism and its Relation to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion during the 2021 Rubin PCW
Summary: Host an interactive workshop on the topic of systemic racism and its relation to EDI during the 2021 Rubin Project and Community Workshop (PCW).
Award: $6,000

PI: Tyler Pritchard, NYU
Title: Detecting Anomalies, Outliers, and the Unknown Unknowns: Expanding the LSST Time-Domain Discovery Space
Summary: Conduct a remote workshop between science collaborations and brokers to prepare for “unknown unknowns”, and work directly in ZTF data to implement filters.
Award: $5,000

PI: Andy Rasmussen, Stanford University, SLAC National Accelerator Lab
Title: Image Sensors for Precision Astronomy (ISPA) 2020/2021 Workshop
Summary: Support the participation of eight junior scientists (postdocs and/or students) in a two-day face-to-face meeting in instrumentation to share results and findings.
Award: $8,000

PI: Gordon Richards, Drexel University
Title: AGN Data Challenge
Summary: Conduct a data challenge to develop tools to parameterize AGN light curves, select AGN, and derive AGN photometric redshifts and provide the training set.
Award: $12,500

PI: Meg Schwamb, Queen’s University Belfast
Title: Preparing for LSST Solar System Follow-up
Summary: Host an in-person sprint (followed by a virtual workshop) to develop the SSSC’s follow-up observing roadmap and facilitate the design and coordination of prospective large LSST Solar System follow-up observing programs.
Award: $8,800

PI: Aprajita Verma, University of Oxford
Title: Preparing for the Statistical Age of Strong Gravitational Lens Science with the Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST)
Summary: Support junior members to attend a strong lensing workshop in mid-2021.
Award: $8,600

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