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Towards Science in Chile with the LSST 2019

9-10 December 2019; Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Based on the success of the LSST in Chile Workshops started in Nov 2015, applications are being accepted for this fifth meeting. This workshop will prepare the Chilean community for the large volumes of data coming from LSST, which represent an excellent opportunity to develop world class scientific research in astronomy, but which will also require addressing the data analysis problem in novel ways. The workshop will encompass a two-day meeting in which members of the Chilean community may present and discuss their ideas to make the best use of the LSST data and multi wavelength follow-up studies, ranging from solar system and planetary science to high redshift galaxies and cosmology. Special emphasis will be on tutorial sessions about the different tools that are and will be available to the community.

The meeting will take place at the main campus of the Universidad de Concepción, in Concepción, Chile. The workshop will start in the morning of Monday, December 9th, 2019 and will finish on Tuesday, December 10th, 2019. There will be no registration fees for the workshop. Coffee breaks, lunches and dinner on Monday, December 9th will be provided free of charge for all participants. In addition, young researchers or graduate students may apply for financial support to attend the workshop. Graduate students already working on LSST-related projects applying to present their work at the meeting are strongly encouraged to request financial support. The deadline for travel grant and oral contribution applications is November 15th, 2019.

More information about the meeting and the registration form may be found at:

LSSTC Support: $7500


SNe Across SCs

April 2020; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL

Supernovae live at the intersection of research interests of a number of LSST Science Collaborations (SCs), spanning topics from stellar physics and modeling nearby multi-messenger sources, to tracing feedback over cosmic time and measuring the expansion history of the Universe. This workshop will guide new users accessing LSST science pipeline products and chart the course for developing shared infrastructure between science collaborations. Bringing scientists together across SCs will foster future collaborations for obtaining follow-up observations, help to identify innovative extensions to our analyses, and improve our communication and interfacting with the LSST project.

For more information, contact Gautham Narayan.

LSSTC Support: $27,000

Recent Activities

Managing Follow-up Observations in the Era of ZTF & LSST

30 September - 4 October 2019; Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, CA

The workshop will be an interactive introduction to the key technologies and facilities for
follow-up observing that will drive astronomy in the LSST era and a chance for scientists to
influence their development. Participants will have exclusive access to a unique proposal
opportunity for development mini-grants and telescope time to kick-start their observing

For more information, please see: and join our mailing list to receive further updates.

This workshop is a collaboration between LSST Corporation, LCO, NOAO, Gemini, and SOAR
Observatories and gratefully acknowledges support from the Heising-Simons and Zegar Family

La Serena School for Data Science

19-28 August 2019; La Serena, Chile

The La Serena School for Data Science: Applied Tools for Data-driven Sciences is an intensive week of interdisciplinary lectures focused on applied tools for handling big astronomical data. Participants will be instructed in how astronomical data are processed, accessed and analyzed, including reduction pipelines, databases, and scientific programming.  The School will be taught by an international and interdisciplinary group of professors who will use real data and examples.  Participants will work on team-based projects and be provided training and access to the National Laboratory for High Performance Computing located at the University of Chile's Center for Mathematical Modeling.

LSSTC Support: $3,000

Student Program at LSST 2019 Project & Community Workshop

12-14 August 2019; Hilton El Conquistador; Tucson, AZ

Twenty-three students were supported by LSSTC to attend the LSST 2018 Project & Community Workshop, in mid-August, for two days of student-oriented programming — for example, a student poster session, breakfast with LSST scientists and engineers, student-oriented breakouts, mirror lab tour, etc.  In the poster session, students presented their LSST-related summer research. Most of the student stipends were supported with LSSTC-funded internships; others were supported by their home institution or other programs.  LSSTC is funding the transportation, workshop registration, and housing for the students.

LSSTC Support: $25,000

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