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Why You Should Join the LSST Corporation (LSSTC)

The Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST), to be carried out at the Vera C. Rubin Observatory (Rubin Observatory) is the most ambitious time-domain survey of the universe ever proposed. The Rubin Observatory is a joint U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF)/U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) project that is currently in a distributed commissioning phase, with the main survey starting in October, 2023. In just its first year of operations, the Rubin Observatory LSST will survey more of the universe at optical wavelengths than all previous studies. As a member of LSSTC, you will receive numerous benefits (listed below) for your institution and for your researchers preparing to do science with the Rubin Observatory LSST.
The Survey will repeatedly image the sky over 10 years, delivering a 60-petabyte set of images and a 15-petabyte data catalog to address some of the most pressing questions about the structure and evolution of the universe and objects within it. The Survey will focus on four key science areas:

• Probing Dark Energy and Dark Matter
• Taking an Inventory of the Solar System
• Exploring the Transient Optical Sky
• Mapping the Milky Way

The LSST Corporation (, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation formed to initiate this project and advance astronomy and physics. LSSTC represents over 30 U.S., Chilean, Asian and European institutional members committed to enabling the exploitation of Rubin Observatory LSST data by advocating for and supporting LSST science.
Using Big Data for Big Science: Given the imminent start of Rubin Observatory operations, LSSTC is focused on preparing the community to capitalize on this remarkable and unprecedented dataset. We are committed to fostering and building new modes of interdisciplinary collaboration at the interface of astronomy, physics, computer science, mathematics, and information science. Through graduate and postdoctoral fellowships, science schools, workshops, think tanks, and support of science collaborations, LSSTC is enabling the training of a new generation of young scientists and researchers, and preparing the scientific community for the big data challenges that the Rubin Observatory LSST will bring.

Membership Benefits 

 LSSTC membership will allow your institution to take a highly visible leadership role in one of the most important astronomical projects of our time. Members benefit from being part of a community of like-minded institutions, working to enhance the scientific return of Rubin LSST through impactful collaborations.

The LSSTC programs listed below support research through a combination of member dues and philanthropic donations.

While serving the broader community with its programs, LSSTC looks for opportunities to provide benefits to its member institutions, including prioritizing engagement of member institutions when considering responses to LSSTC calls for proposals.

Enabling Science is LSSTC’s initiative for community support:
● The Data Science Fellowship Program is a year-long series of workshops which bring graduate students together for training hosted at LSSTC member institutions;
● The Undergraduate Program supports students to carry out Rubin LSST-related research and participate in the project’s annual “all hands” meeting;
● The Small Grants Program has supported numerous science schools, workshops, and other research activities.

LSSTC Interdisciplinary Network for Collaboration and Computing
LINCC is an ambitious initiative to lead community efforts in building software infrastructure for big data astronomy. The first part of the LINCC Framework was recently funded through a multi-million-dollar award from Schmidt Futures. 

LSSTC Catalyst Fellowship Program
Catalyst Fellows hold 3- or 4-year post-doctoral appointments primarily at LSSTC institutions, with the first cohort of five fellows starting in Fall 2022. The program is currently funded by a $7M award from the Templeton Foundation.


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(Left) Data Science Fellowship Program Session 5 Johns Hopkins University – January 2018
(Right) Dark Energy Schools & Hack Days  Stony Brook – July 2017















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