FZU - Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Dr. Michael Prouza (prouza@fzu.cz)

Our group participation in the Rubin Observatory has begun by helping characterize the CCD sensors in the early stages of the project. The scope of our activities developed since then and now we are involved in the camera commissioning, computing, and moving towards data analysis of transients and multi-messenger searches. The later two topics are done within the Transient and Variable Stars science collaboration. Our plan is to contribute to the identification and characterization of interesting objects, such as GRBs (also choked GRBs), AGNs, and Tidal Disruption Events. Equipped with this knowledge we would like to perform multi-messenger searches, trying to correlate these observations with high energy neutrino data or X-ray and gamma observations. A key element will be the variability of the observed objects which can significantly aid the correlation analyses. Our group is part of The Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics (ceico.cz) within the institute. It brings together 15 junior postdoctoral researchers mentored by 9 experienced scientists. CEICO serves as a hub for development of novel ideas in cosmology, gravity, string theory.  In the field of aspro-particle physics FZU has also a strong group where we participate as well, whose members are active within the Auger and CTA collaborations. They are involved in a wide variety of activities from hardware development and instrumentation to analyzing observational data. The institute has invested significant resources into creating a modern and friendly work environment, focusing on inclusion, mentoring, and career development, for which we have been awarded the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research Award. Members of our team regularly participate in outreach programs, the form of which had to change during the pandemic, but did not come to a halt. We are not an educational institution, nonetheless teaching is strongly encouraged, and several group members are lecturing at Czech Universities.

Our HR department and our experts on the technical issues (i.e. computing, safety officer) have put together check lists and established procedures to facilitate the on-boarding. In our experience, within just few days the new member is able to get everything sorted out (medical check, health insurance, understanding the contract and all benefits, safety training, computing accounts, etc.) and begin working within the team without any limitations. There are opportunities to participate in language courses and soft skills improvement paid by the institute, and last but not least, we have informal slack channels to organize free time activities or simply get help and assistance with the specifics of living in the region.

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