Laboratório Interinstitucional de e-Astronomia (LIneA)



LIneA is a Brazilian institute created to provide support for scientists and fellows to participate in large international collaborations such as SDSS, DES, DESI and now LSST. Its main office is based in the city of Rio de Janeiro but it has affiliates in several Brazilian Universities in different states. Scientists affiliated with  LIneA work on topics ranging from the solar system, Milky Way, galaxy evolution, cluster of galaxies and cosmology. LIneA also has a dedicated computing infrastructure and an IT team that designs and develops tools to support research. Among its many projects, it has developed over the years a science portal to host workflows to carry out end-to-end analysis for  DES which are now being scaled up to the LSST requirements.  LIneA also plans to host a catalog-LITE LSST IDAC offering great opportunities for fellows to carry out their research.

LIneA provides to its  associates access to all of its dedicated computing resources which include more than 700 cores, access to a supercomputer, and  the support of LineA’s IT team to help develop/optimize applications  The postdoctoral fellow that comes to LIneA will also be able to receive travel support from the INCT of the e-Universe, a special grant from the Federal and from the State of Rio de Janeiro  


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