Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for astrophysics applicants are listed in the instructions document.


For the first group of astrophysics Catalyst Fellows, LSSTC is seeking an excellent cohort that is balanced in terms of scientific focus, location of host institution, type of host institution (large vs small, public vs private, US vs non-US, etc), and demographics.  We aim to select at least one Fellow who proposes to conduct their research outside of the US, one who proposes to conduct their research at an expansion site (within the US), and at least one who proposes to sit at an institution closely connected to the LINCC initiative (for this cycle: Northwestern or University of Arizona).  We expect to seek Fellows who have the problem-solving skills and understanding of Rubin LSST necessary to make good use of LSST data from Rubin’s very first year of operation, while at the same time serving as ambassadors for LSST.    LSSTC Catalyst Fellows should have the potential to become leaders in the Rubin community, both through their scientific research and their commitment to the constructive and inclusive practice of science with big data.