University of the Virgin Islands


David Morris

We submit to the External Site Listing as the Time Domain Astrophysics Consortium (TDAC), a collaboration of institutions whose science interests are focused on the discovery and classification of transients with LSST. Our collaboration has access to dedicated follow-up resources including an 0.5m telescope in the Virgin Islands (the VIRT) and a 1.3m telescope at Kitt Peak (the RCT) and we will carryout coordinated follow-up observations with these two ground-based observatories. Our collaboration includes the South Carolina State University and the University of the Virgin Islands, both HBCUs. Our collaboration involves researchers with a variety of science interests and post-doctoral researchers wishing to focus on time domain astrophysics topics including (but not limited to) gamma-ray bursts, supernovae, tidal disruption events, CVs, and exoplanets are encouraged to apply. Geographic location of the position is flexible depending on the science interests of the post-doctoral researcher (and the location of the most appropriate research advisor) but is expected to be at one of the TDAC member institutions and travel between member institutions is anticipated to foster collaboration and disseminate results. Appropriate COVID19 safety considerations will be recognized in relation to any associated travel.


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