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LSSTC Institutional Representative: James Davenport,

The University of Washington has a strong background in interdisciplinary survey science, and is a founding member of Rubin and LSSTC. We have broad expertise across nearly every domain of astronomy, including astronomical theory and observation, high performance computing, astrobiology, and instrumentation. Postdoctoral Fellows at UW have access to a large share of time on the Apache Point Observatory’s 3.5-m telescope, and significant computational resources. Fellows are invited to collaborate with our vibrant graduate and undergraduate students, engage in outreach events, and join a wide range of research groups within the Astronomy Department as well as within the eScience Institute.

Catalyst Fellows would be included as Fellows in the DiRAC Institute, which focuses on data-intensive research in areas of time domain, solar system, and data science and algorithms development. Recent DiRAC Fellows have gone on to faculty positions at a number of institutions, and produced a wide range of high impact software and science discoveries. DiRAC also hosts the Rubin Data Management and Alert Pipeline development teams, as well as members of the LINCC Frameworks team. As a LINCC Frameworks institution, Catalyst Fellows will have access to an additional year of support. 

Prospective Fellows are encouraged to look at the UW Astronomy department webpage for more information on our faculty and research, as well as the DiRAC Institute’s website.

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