Wesleyan University

PUI, Liberal Arts College

Meredith Hughes

Wesleyan University is a primarily undergraduate institution with a standalone astronomy department.  There are five faculty who maintain active research programs related to intermediate-mass black holes, the structure and evolution of AGN, star and planet formation, x-ray binaries, transiting exoplanets, the local interstellar medium, planetary science, and simulations of galaxy formation and evolution.  In addition to our program of research and education for undergraduates, we also run an MA program for students from nontraditional backgrounds, many of whom go on to obtain PhDs in astronomy.  We maintain two 24" telescopes that can be used for research purposes, as well as a suite of smaller telescopes used for teaching and outreach.  We frequently host postdocs in our department, who sometimes teach or advise students if they so desire.  Our department is committed to building an equitable and inclusive community and holds regular journal clubs and events on related subjects.  We would be delighted to welcome an LSSTC Catalyst Fellow to our community.  




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