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We welcome LSST-Catalyst fellows to apply to bring their fellowships to Yale. While our membership application to join LSST Corporation is currently underway, many of our faculty have been involved in Rubin-LSST science. The faculty in the Astronomy Department and the Astrophysics Group in the Physics department at Yale have research interests that span AGN Science, Strong Lensing, Cluster physics and cosmology, Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Near-Field Cosmology and multi-wavelength studies of Active Galactic Nuclei.  Current and recent research at Yale involves extensive expertise in optical/IR galaxy surveys (DESI, SDSS-V., Euclid, WFIRST), 21-cm surveys (CHIME, HIRAX) and CMB observatories (Simons and CMB Stage IV) and we have time reserved for Yale on Keck/Palomar for follow-up observations.  Of relevance to LSST-Rubin, in the Southern hemisphere, the Yale-Chile collaboration is on-going and enables access to proprietary Chilean time on all telescope facilities in Chile.  We have a strong and very interdisciplinary department of Statistics and Data Science and a university-wide initiative in integrative data science all ready to help with Rubin-LSST analysis.

The Yale Physics and Astronomy departments are committed to fostering the next generation of diverse, cross-disciplinary leaders working at the forefront of astronomy, physics and information science through inspired mentoring that is inclusive, equitable and fully supported by a world-leading university.  All postdoctoral fellows including LSST-Catalyst Fellows will have access to data and resources at all of the observatories mentioned above.  Access to high-performance computing and Keck/Palomar telescope time will help leverage the Rubin-LSST data for optimal scientific reach. Our commitment to postdoctoral mentoring is exemplified by the extensive programming to give each astronomy/astrophysics/cosmology postdoctoral scholar collective access to the 17 astronomers, astrophysicists and physicists in our departments and Yale faculty take seriously the need to provide access to group meetings, graduate students and other postdocs involved in a number of leading projects and computing resources.

For additonal information, please contact:

Larry Gladney larry.gladney@yale.edu

Priya Natarajan priyamvada.natarajan@yale.edu


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