Franz E. Bauer

Science Collaboration(s): 
Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)
Dark Energy (DESC)

My research group at UCatólica in Santiago, Chile works on a wide variety of topics involving massive BH and galaxy classification, demographics, evolution, and accretion physics, as well as rapid/extreme extragalactic variability events (Changing-State AGN, SNe, TDEs, FXRTs, ULXs, GW events, ...), using both traditional and machine-learning approaches. I have myriad connections to LSST and related follow-up surveys, which could be useful to Catalyst fellows: LSST AGN/DESC/TVS/Galaxies Science Collaboration member; ALeRCE Broker member, Science Advisory Committee (SAC) member; Survey Cadence Optimization Committee (SCOC) member; AGN representative for the Rubin-Euclid Derived Data Products Working Group; co-leader of the AGN component of the VLT/MOONS GTO survey, co-PI of the 4MOST-ChANGES survey, and member of the SOXS and SCORPIO instrument collaborations. Additionally, as a member of the Chilean astronomy community, I have potential access to a large variety of telescope resources. I have been the principal mentor for 18 Postdocs to date, nearly all are still active in the field, many with permanent positions. Moreover, I was the Postdoc coordinator at our institute for several years, and still serve on the Postdoc committee.