Kelly Hambleton

Science Collaboration(s): 
Transients/variable stars (TVS)

KH is the primary contact for the Pulsating Stars Subgroup and is interested in all pulsating stars from RR Lyrae stars to gamma Dor stars to solar-like oscillators. One of her main goals within TVS, and a primary objective of her sub-group, is to generate an updated H-R diagram for pulsating stars through the eyes of Rubin LSST. 

Within TVS, KH has been heavily involved with the Crowded Field Task Force since its conception in early 2018 as both its Co-chair and its Secretary. The main goal of the Crowded Field Task Force is to assess and provide feedback on the Rubin LSST Project pipeline for crowded fields (both the difference imaging algorithm and the best-effort forced-photometry algorithm). 

KH is further heavily involved with the TVS Roadmap and is spearheading its completion. KH recently obtained a grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation Kick Starter to complete the roadmap, which is one of her active duties within TVS.