Knut Olsen

Science Collaboration(s): 
Stars, Milky Way, and Local Volume (SMWLV)

Knut Olsen's research interests span a broad range in the general area of stellar populations.  He is particularly interested in looking for evidence for processes of galaxy formation and evolution in the stars contained in nearby galaxies.  He has looked for clues to these processes in globular cluster systems, in the star formation history of field stars, in the interaction of massive stars with their surroundings, in internal galaxy dynamics, and in the faint structure of the outskirts of galaxies.  Techniques that he has applied to these problems include crowded field photometry, stellar population modeling, spectroscopic analysis, kinematical modeling, photometry with adaptive optics, and data-driven analysis and discovery.  He is the current chair of the Magellanic Clouds subgroup in SMWLV and serves as one of two SMWLV liaisons to the Rubin Survey Cadence Optimization Committee.