Markus Rabus

Science Collaboration(s): 
Transients/variable stars (TVS)

Currently, I am assessing the performance of the LSST pipeline in crowded fields, therefore I analyze DECam images with the pipeline. During the early commissioning phase, I plan to provide observing support and evaluate the photometric and astrometric quality of the commissioning images. My aim is to understand the different noise components and correlations present in the data set, like e.g., systematic noise in the time series. I am interested in evaluating the astrometric errors and understanding their limitations with respect to high proper motion objects. Once the commissioning data will be delivered as an official data release, I plan to exploit the high-cadence test survey data to understand the physics of low-mass objects, from ultra-cool dwarfs to planets through light curves and astrometric studies. I am working in close collaboration with the U. of California LA, U. of Washington, U. of Delaware, U. de ConcepciĆ³n, the Las Cumbres Observatory, and INAF (Italy).