Rosaria/Sara Bonito

Science Collaboration(s): 
Transients/variable stars (TVS)

I mainly work on young stellar objects, to investigate their variability at all the time scales, from hours to years. In the context of TVS SC interest, I aim at probing stellar variability, discriminating among different processes, e.g. accretion bursts (also including Exors), warp disk, extinction, etc. These topics have been also explored for the optimization of the Rubin LSST Survey Strategy, e.g. in Bonito & Hartigan et al. 2018 and Bonito & Venuti et al. 2021.

This investigation is complemented with the use of an interdisciplinary approach which combines: numerical simulations of magnetohydrodynamic models, interpretation of laboratory experiments, and multi-band data analysis (also using spectroscopic facilities as GES, WEAVE, 4MOST, SoXS, being involved as coI in projects on these available or future instruments). Multi-wavelength characterisation will also be addressed, taking advantage of the involvement in current and future X-ray missions as eROSITA, Chandra, XMM, Athena.