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Welcome to the Corporate Philanthropic Partners program (CPP)! The Corporate Philanthropic Partners of the LSST Corporation is our way of recognizing businesses that have invested in the future of science.  Through generous philanthropy, our CPPs have demonstrated their commitment to understanding the dynamic universe in which we live, and to search for that understanding through research from a diverse, and diversifying, cadre of researchers. 

Our Corporate Philanthropic Partners are visionaries who see the potential in a data-driven, critical inquiry-based project.  We are grateful for and applaud their support.

Being a member of the Corporate Philanthropic Partners connects businesses to the cutting-edge research being done around the world in support of LSST. With about 30 world-renowned institutions in membership, businesses will have access to the insights of multiple Research 1 Universities and laboratories.

You can impact research directly.  Membership can bring opportunities to fund research projects, workshops and seminars, as well as graduate- and undergraduate education.  Your company can have pride of place with your name and logo on sponsored events and calls-for-proposals.

Corporate support can be directed in many ways. See our membership levels and benefits here:

Membership Information:

CPP has multiple levels of investment for business. Each brings its own direct impact on LSST-related research. Gifts from corporations at any level are appreciated. However, to be recognized as a CPP, a gift of $25,000 minimum is required. All Corporate Philanthropic Partners are reviewed by our Executive Board to ensure the partnership match is beneficial to both parties.  For more information, please email Beth Willman, CEO and Director for Science, at

Recognition and benefits for all Corporate Philanthropic Partners

All CPPs receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition on our website as a Corporate Partner
  • Use of our logo as a supporting partner
  • Acknowledgement of support at our bi-annual Face-to-Face meetings
  • Invitations to our monthly institutional board meetings and bi-annual Face-to-Face meetings

Recognition and Benefits based on contribution.

Partner- $25,000
Recognition as a partner

Investor - $50,000 Corporate sponsorship of scientific meeting, workshop, or support of the Enabling Science Grants program.

Principal - $100,000

  • Sponsorship of an additional workshop or science meeting, increased support of the Enabling Science Grants program, or named undergraduate fellowship(s);
  • With a five-year commitment, a named, annual conference, meeting, or workshop, i.e. “The John Q. Public Incorporated Annual Data Workshop for LSST Science”.

Key Patron - $250,000

  • A named, international workshop, conference or meeting for top-tier graduate student and post-doc applicants. Workshop will provide seed funding for pilot research or other deliverables that acknowledge the Key Patron as a sponsor; or
  • Named student fellowships; or
  • Flagship, branded investment in the Enabling Science Grants program.

*Note: Five-year commitments will be recognized with an additional symbol in our donor listings
*Note: Founding members (first five CPP donors) will be recognized in perpetuity with an additional symbol in our donor listings. However, should a Founding Member no longer be in good standing, they will be listed in a separate ‘founders’ category.  

Our Founding Corporate Philanthropic Partner, Wasabi Technologies, supported both LSSTC operations and a special enabling science grant of $25,000 for Amanda Wasserman at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  Amanda is using that grant to develop methods for studying explosive phenomena in the Universe with the upcoming Legacy Survey of Space and Time.  Learn more about Wasabi here.

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