Donor Recognition

LSSTC would like to publicly thank all of our donors for the 2022 year-end matching campaign for the 2023 student program. 

These donations will allow for undergraduates to engage in LSST Science Data, workshops and travel!


Amanda Bauer

Kathryn Johnston

Federica Bianco

 Owen Lefkon

Michael Blanton

Dana Lehr

Claudio Bottaccini

KT Lim

Danielle Browning

Lucas Macri

Patricia Burchat

Valeria Macri

Gregory Dobler

David MacFarlane

Pat Eliason

Knut Olsen

Rose Fadely

Jennifer Sobeck

Harry Ferguson

Lisa Storrie-Lombardi

Ranpal Gill

Michael Strauss

Larry Gladney

Susan Sweeney

Suzanne Hawley

William Vasey

Zeljko Ivezic

Beth Willman

Buell Jannuzi

Ken Willman

Saurabh Jha

Michael Wood-Vasey



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