LSST Interdisciplinary Network for Collaboration and Computing


LINCC Frameworks Incubator Program

The LINCC Frameworks team at LSSTC, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and University of Washington (UW) invites scientists to participate in the LINCC Frameworks Incubator Program. The goal of the Incubator Program is to engage the scientific community in the creation of software tools for the analysis of Rubin LSST data.  To that end, we will support teams of researchers to test and help expand early-stage analysis software being developed as a part of LINCC Frameworks using their own exciting scientific investigations with existing surveys or simulated data. 

We plan to run three rounds of incubators each year with at most two projects selected each round. The sessions approximately correspond to the northern hemisphere seasons of spring, summer, and fall. The dates for proposals and incubators are:

Session Incubator Dates Proposal Deadline
Spring Feb 1st - Apr 30th October 15th
Summer June 1st - Aug 31st February 15th
Fall Sept 15th - Dec 15th June 15th

Dates are subject to change from the above schedule if needed due to changing circumstances. The exact deadlines and notification dates for a particular round will be announced ~6 weeks in advance on the Frameworks mailing list and the LSSTC #lincc-incubator-help slack channel.

To help proposers, there was a remote informational Q&A session on January 26, 2023 (details here including the recording).  Those in the LSSTC Slack workspace can use the public #lincc-incubator-help channel for questions about the proposal process; members of the LINCC Frameworks leadership are monitoring this channel. The team will also be hosting weekly office hours on Thursdays at noon ET beginning on September 14, 2023 (zoom link here).

A concise summary of the program may be found in these slides:

The full program description and call for proposals may be found here, while the application form for the next round of Incubators may be found here.