LSST Interdisciplinary Network for Collaboration and Computing

Tech Talks

A Forum to Connect the Rubin Software Community

Delivered virtually every second Thursday of the month at 10am Pacific (1pm ET, 2pm Chile (September/October), 7pm CET) these talks and demos will showcase work done by the broad Rubin software and archives community that’s designed to enable LSST science. We hope it will provide a forum for a range of groups and authors to present, learn about, and discuss efforts of interest to analysis of LSST data.

Upcoming talks

  • October 12, 2023:  Planning for two million volunteers: Citizen Science Infrastructure at LSST scale (Chris Lintott) 

  • November 9, 2023:  AI for (climate) good (speaker from Inria Chile)


Past talks

  • September 14, 2023: Technical topics of common interest to Rubin and Roman (Knut Olsen & Harry Ferguson) and Advanced Scientific Data Format (Perry Greenfield) - recording
  • July 13, 2023: Pitt-Google Broker (Michael Wood-Vasey, Troy Raen, Chris Hernandez) - recording
  • June 08, 2023: Moving object image searches: a case study for metadata models (Stephen Gwyn) - recording
  • May 11, 2023: ADAM/THOR (Joachim Moeyens and Spencer Nelson) - recording
  • April 13, 2023: LINCC Frameworks Python Project Template - Start with more than Hello World (Drew Oldag) - recording
  • March 9, 2023: Jupyter and STScI: A Platform and a Tool (Erik Tollerund) & MAST: A Multi-Mission Archive (Susan Mullally) - recording
  • February 9, 2023: The TOM Toolkit: Observing platform for Rubin follow-up and recent upgrades for O4 (Rachel Street, William Lindstrom, Joey Chatelain) & SkyPortal: A technical ecosystem enabling multi-messenger astrophysics (Josh Bloom, Michael Coughlin) - recording
  • January 26, 2023:  Introducing the LINCC Frameworks Incubator series (LINCC team) - recording, slides at incubator homepage
  • December 8, 2022: The ALeRCE broker (Franciso Forster) - recording
  • November 10, 2022: Timeseries in astronomy - Sunpy (Will Barnes) & SER-SAG Periodicity pipeline Inkind contribution (Andjelka Kovacevic) - recording
  • October 13, 2022: LINCC Frameworks Projects in Yr1: from bulk-data formats to photo-z testbeds (Jeremy Kubica and the LINCC team) - recording

    The slides from previous talks can be found here.


The talks are delivered via Zoom at The recordings will be made publicly available generally within a week of the talk.


If you wish to receive future seminar announcements, add this calendar, subscribe to the discussion on, the #lincc-tech-talks channel on LSSTC Slack, or the LINCC announcements mailing list (send a blank e-mail to