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Towards Science in Chile with the LSST 2019

June/July 2020; Universidad de ConcepciĆ³n, Chile (tent.)

Due to political unrest in Chile, this meeting has been postponed until mid-2020. The meeting website will be updated with new information following the LOC and SOC meetings in January 2020 -- new submission and registration deadlines will be forthcoming.

Based on the success of the LSST in Chile Workshops started in Nov 2015, applications will be accepted for this fifth meeting. This workshop will prepare the Chilean community for the large volumes of data coming from LSST, which represent an excellent opportunity to develop world class scientific research in astronomy, but which will also require addressing the data analysis problem in novel ways. The workshop will encompass a two-day meeting in which members of the Chilean community may present and discuss their ideas to make the best use of the LSST data and multi wavelength follow-up studies, ranging from solar system and planetary science to high redshift galaxies and cosmology. Special emphasis will be on tutorial sessions about the different tools that are and will be available to the community.

More information about the meeting and the registration form may be found at:

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