Adriano Fontana

Research Director
INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Rome

Adriano Fontana, astrophysicist, is Research Director at INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Rome, President of the Large Binocular Telescope Corporation (Tucson, Arizona, USA) and has been professor of Extragalactic Astrophysics at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Author of over 350 scientific publications, he has been coordinating for years a research group at the Astronomical Observatory of Rome and has had important management positions at INAF - the Italian National Institute of Astro Physics. The main purpose of his research is to reconstruct the processes that led to the birth and growth of galaxies in the first billion years of the history of the Universe, and to study and apply innovative techniques of image analysis. To this end he has coordinated international research projects that have used the best satellites and ground-based telescopes. He is passionate about popular science, photography and mountains.

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