Lucas Macri

Associate Dean, Professor
Texas A&M University

Lucas Macri received a BS in Physics from MIT in 1995 and a PhD in Astronomy from Harvard in 2001, working with John Huchra. He held Hubble and Goldberg postdoctoral fellowships at NOAO before joining the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Texas A&M in 2008.
While the primary focus of his research is the Extragalactic Distance Scale, Lucas is also a co-PI of the "Transient Optical Robotic Observatory of the South" led by Mario Díaz at UT-RGV. This project aims to provide prompt detections of the electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave events. Lucas has also worked on time-domain surveys from Antarctica, exoplanet searches, and all-sky redshift surveys.

Lucas serves as the Associate Dean for Undergraduate and International Programs in the College of Science, focusing on increasing the retention and graduation rates of all students with emphasis on those who are first-generation-in-college or those who come from low-income families.

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