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February 10, 2023

Membership Categories

(a) Single institutions (often R1 research universities - 2021 Carnegie listing - or equivalently active research labs)

(b) Consortia

  • a group of small schools, none of which are R1 research universities

  • a network of already-associated (e.g. by country or State) R1 or equivalent institutions

  • a mix of the two

For both categories of membership

  • Membership dues come in increments, where a single R1 institution (or equivalent) will be 

expected to pay 1 increment. Those increments were $25k in 2022 (and can be subject to annual 


  • Consortia of R1 or equivalent institutions are required to pay membership dues in integer 

multiples of increments. For consortia, the dues will be determined by the number of institutions 

and number of faculty actively involved in Rubin science. The amount is agreed at the application 

stage through conversations with the LSSTC Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Current consortia (institutions or country-wide memberships) will maintain their current increment 

level for dues (e.g. INAF and LineA).


Membership Fee structure

  • The $75k catch-up costs are permanently waived

  • Annual dues will gradually increase to $30k USD. 2023 annual dues will be $26k USD, and will 

increase $1k/year through 2027 for all institutions - current and new.

  • For equitable distribution of resources among different types of members, for every membership 

dues increment (currently $26k) there is:

  • 1 vote for Executive Board membership

  • 1 possible slot for a host a Catalyst Fellow (diversity of location cohort remains a factor in 


  • 1 member representative, at face-to-face and monthly Institutional Board meetings.

If you are interested in membership, please contact LSSTC CEO Beth Willman (


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