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Gifts from Private Contributors $10,000,000 and above

  • Charles and Lisa Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences
  • Bill Gates

Additional Private Contributions

  • Anonymous*
  • Richard Caris*
  • W. M. Keck Foundation*
  • Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs
  • Research Corporation for Science Advancement*
  • Wayne Rosing and Dorothy Largay*
  • Eric and Wendy Schmidt*
  • Edgar Smith*
  • Robert & Joyce Wisner

* exceeding $1,000,000

Financial Contributions from Universities

  • Stanford University*
  • NCSA/University of Illinois*
  • University of California at Davis*
  • The University of Arizona
  • University of Washington

* $500,000 or greater

In-kind Contributions from Members or Affiliates exceeding $1,000,000

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • IN2P3, France
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • National Optical Astronomy Observatory
  • NCSA/University of Illinois
  • SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


Make a donation to LSSTC

Inquiries regarding donations


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