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In 2008, eleven separate quasi-independent science collaborations were formed to focus on a broad range of topics in astronomy and cosmology that the LSST could address. Members of these collaborations have been instrumental in helping to develop the science case for LSST (encapsulated in the LSST Science Book) to refine the concepts for the survey and for the data processing, and to educate other scientists and the public about the promise of this unique observatory.  The scientific questions that the Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) project will address are profound and it would be impossible to list all the possible projects that the data will enable. Read more about LSST science goals.

Science Collaboration Endorsement of LSST Corporation Activities

The Science Collaborations are committed to continuing to work closely with LSSTC to help guide private funds to programs and activities that have broad scientific value. Click here for the Letter of Endorsement of LSST Corporation by the LSST Science Collaborations.

Science Collaboration Publication Policies
Each Science Collaboration develops its own publication policy, based on a template policy that can be used, revised, or expanded as it fits (Word (link is external), PDF (link is external), Gooogle Doc (link is external)). See the first page of the template for more details.

LSST Science Collaborations

SCs Federation Document

Overview Posters

There are currently eight active Rubin Observatory LSST Science Collaborations.  Additional information about their work and membership can be found at the links below or by contacting the individual chairs, or the LSSTC Science Collaborations Coordinator (LSSTCSCC), Will Clarkson.

 Chair(s): Sugata Kaviraj (University of Hertfordshire); Simona Mei (Universite de Paris); Francesco Shankar (University of Southampton);

DM Liaison: Dan Taranu

Stars, Milky Way, and Local Volume 
 Chair(s): William Clarkson (University of Michigan-Dearborn); Maria de los Angeles Pérez (Universidad Nacional Aut�noma de M�xico); Carlos Feinstein (); Peregrine McGehee (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory); Atharva Patil ();

DM Liaison: Colin Slater

Solar System 
 Chair(s): Colin Chandler (University of Washington); Meg Schwamb (Queen's University Belfast);

DM Liaison: Mario Jurić

Dark Energy 
 Chair(s): Katrin Heitmann (Argonne National Laboratory); Renee Hlozek (University of Toronto);

DM Liaison: Robert Lupton, Leanne Guy

Active Galactic Nuclei
 Chair(s): Niel Brandt (Pennsylvania State University); Gordon Richards (Drexel University);

DM Liaison: Yusra AlSayyad

Transients/variable stars
 Chair(s): Igor Andreoni (University of Maryland); Rosaria Bonito (INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo);

DM Liaison: Melissa Graham, Eric Belm

Strong Lensing
 Chair(s): Timo Anguita (Universidad Andres Bello); Simon Birrer (Stony Brook); Graham Smith (University of Birmingham);

DM Liaison: Jim Bosch

Informatics and Statistics
 Chair(s): Tom Loredo (Cornell University);

DM Liaison: Leanne Guy

LSST National Groups


Chair(s): Bob Mann & George Beckett
DM Liaison: Leanne Guy & Wil O'Mullane (management)

LSST Chile

Chair(s): Chris Smith
DM Liaison: Leanne Guy & Wil O'Mullane (management)

LSST France

Chair(s): Emmanuel Gangler
DM Liaison: Leanne Guy & Wil O'Mullane (management)



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