City University of New York (CUNY)


PUI, MSI, HIS, Community College

K. Saavik Ford

Josh Tan

 Astronomers across CUNY (known as the CUNYAstro group) have interests spanning a wide range of LSST research topics. We are spread across various campuses in NYC, but have regular meetings at AMNH and the Flatiron Institute, and hold long-term research collaborations with surrounding institutions. Research areas and potential mentors for the LSST Catalyst Fellowship include:

1) EM counterparts to GW merger events (Ford, McKernan) 2) AGN variability characterization, modeling and inferences (Ford, McKernan, O’Dowd) 3) Binary Supermassive black hole systems (Ford, McKernan) 4) Intermediate mass black holes (Bellovary, Ford, McKernan), 5) Cosmological simulations of galaxy formation (Bellovary, Maller, Welker), 6) Gravitational waves (Bellovary, Ford, McKernan), 7) Gravitational lens modeling, microlensing of AGNs, and time-delay cosmography (O’Dowd, Minor), 8) Brown dwarfs, low-mass stars and software development (Cruz), 9) Questions in galaxy evolution (Acquaviva, Maller, Welker), 10) Evolution of the cosmic web: galaxy clusters, filaments, walls, voids (Welker) and 11) galaxy dynamics with integral field spectroscopy (Welker)

Please see the CUNY astro site ( for contact information, and feel free to reach out to potential mentors directly.

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