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The portal will open on 10/10/2022

We ask applicants to submit the following materials through the application portal:

  1. A Research Statement of not more than three pages (excluding figures and references) that includes a justification of the top-choice host institution;
  2. A Community Impact Statement of not more than two pages (2.5 pages for applicants whose top-choice institutions are LINCC Hub institutions or expansion sites) that describes the applicant’s interest in and/or plans for contributing to the Rubin LSST community beyond the publication of scientific findings (e.g., by serving as an ambassador for Rubin LSST at their host institution and beyond; by helping to develop widely needed analysis tools; by training others to access and work with LSST data; by taking on a leadership role in community efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in astrophysics; by contributing significantly to one of the Rubin Science Collaborations; by persevering in the field as a member of an underrepresented group; etc).   As part of the Community Impact Statement, all applicants should describe how they plan to contribute to the development of an equitable and inclusive Rubin community.
  3. A ranked list of up to three desired host institutions;
  4. A CV and publication list;
  5. A pro forma letter of commitment from the proposed local advisor at the applicant’s top-choice host institution;
  6. The names and contact information of three potential references.